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About us

ITON Group was founded in 1989 and started to produce advertisement equipment.

In that way, as one of first Russian companies we start manufacture of exclusive retail equipment and POS materials. The factory was located in Moscow for POS materials production.

In 1996 Moscow factory was reconstructed as a result of manufacturing facilities grown up. At the same time consumer's goods was assimilated: vertical holders of household application (TVs, microwave oven and so on), pedestal for audio-video players (VHS, CD, DVD).

During past years the rate of production was steadily raising and to 2001 it was taken the decision to gain a factory  in Orel region 450 km to the South from Moscow.
Since 2001 ITON Group has created more than 10000м2 of new working area. In 2008 the manufacturing facility has been increase for more than 15000m2.

In present time ITON Group is working on design and full cycle production of POSM (ITON | Display), shop equipment (ITON | Standard), refregirated cabinets (ITON | Frigo).